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Affirmative Meditations Marketplace

iOS / Android & Web

Goal: create a self-development mobile app service, that is utilizing affirmative voice records and meditations to achieve one’s goals.
Marketplace with free and paid content, a constructor to create your affirmation from a pre-approved ready to use fragments, voice synthesis, community’s affirmations shop.
Facilitate person, not knowing the theory and how things work, skip learning and start creating an affirmation suited for one's needs, with special sound effects and an option to play it at a convenient time. The idea somehow resembles to Calm and Breathe apps.
Implementation and tech. stack
ReactNative, Node. JS, Yandex SpeechKit, Docker, MongoDB

The key problems for us were to create a convenient interface to work with all the data and a natural sound computer voice synth, with all of the music effects on top of them.

As the settings take into consideration the user’s gender and other preferences, like male/female voice one want to hear, music effects, etc. — that all created quite a number of the options, that needs to be properly placed, served and combined for naturally sound playing experience.

User experience usability was tested by a regular UX testing, while the architecture was designed by modeling connectivity of the APIs with system requirements.

For the speech generation, after quite a few tests, we choose Yandex Speech. Kit, that works best for Slavic languages, giving the most natural sound voice.

For the application server back-end, we chose MongoDB database, which we believe suits best of all for that purpose, considering the nature of a loosely structured data with Write-Once and multiple Read-Only requests, letting us focus on the app logic.
Social networks integration
Speech synthesis
Narrators' Web interface
Admin Web interface
Automatic push notifications
Application usage analytics
Referral points (as an internal currency)