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My Dreams Log App

iOS & Android

Goal: build an app for psyche work in the area of dreams analysis, built following the requirements of professional psychologists and psychotherapists.
It’s all started during a conversation with a professional psychotherapist and market analysis: we’ve seen that people divided into two main categories: first mainly discussed dreams in online social environments, meaning that they would not share anything sensible there.

Another category is a dream “interpreters”. Although this kind of app can help with general interpretations and symbols in different cultures, real-life usage is quite limited and can’t adapt to cultural and personal features.

Therefore, the product was born to help one to analyze dreams on his/her own or with a psychotherapist, to improve therapy efficiency
The task is to create a convenient instrument for making notes of the dreams – create a structure that would work when a sleepy person as well as for the one, who is well awake.

To achieve those goals, we introduced dream analytics via keywords and simple form. The app was designed in dark soft tones to avoid breaking the sleep.

Execution and technological stack

The app was programmed on ReactNative (expo), with the use of the SQLite database. enables us to fix bugs almost immediately, working around AppStores when urged to do so, and also brings the joy of an automation build process though expo’s Turtle CI/CD.

Convenient platform and well-thought questions
Adding and editing the dreams
Pattern analysis via tagging
Share your dream via messengers
Short dreams how-to