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Speaker's assistant

iOS / Android

Expertise in preparation for presentations, in your pocket.
Convert the coach's experience, that was acquired through the years of practice, assisting CEOs, politicians, and entrepreneurs, into the programmable algorithm.

When we started, there was an author's know-how, used in real life, that was never structured, so we had plenty of things to do.

We dived into the methodology and principles of work, which means, apart from reading on the subject, trying on ourselves, interviews, prototyping, tests, etc. After a few weeks, we were good to go.
Our research and tests showed, that a 'wizard' like, step-by-step guide works best, so that was exactly what we designed.

The guiding 'wizard', that helping to extract the key things, cutting the rest, generates the summary, that could be delivered to the computer or remains on the phone.

The initial version supposed to be all for simplicity and ease of use, so the rest of the possible functionality, like machine learning, complex rules, making changes to a given block, creating a presentation, etc. were left for future versions.

The app is now used by more than 2'500 happy users, on both platforms - iOS and Android.
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